Any time winter comes around it seems like sniffling and sneezing children aren’t far behind. There’s nothing like extra sleep loss, sick days and grumpy kids to make us long for the summer sun.

Here are 6 tips to boost your child’s immunity and make life more enjoyable for the entire family! 

1. Sneak Omega 3’s & Vitamin D into their food.

We know healthy fats and adequate vitamin D are necessary for the immune system to operate fully, yet finding a way to make sure the little ones get their dose can be tough.

2. There’s nothing like homemade soup.

Bone broth is all the rage and rightfully so. Homemade and minus the noodles, this stock is packed full of immune boosting goodness.

3. Find exercise indoors.

When it’s cold outside we have the tendency to stop moving as much. Find a gym, a pool; indoor sports…anything to keep the kids moving in the winter months. Exercise is immune stimulating and required to maximize their defenses.

4. See a chiropractor focused on Neuro-Spinal Restoration.

What? A chiropractor? I know it seems completely off base but that’s why it’s still a secret. Different from traditional chiropractors, chiropractors focused on Neuro-Spinal restoration are concerned with the function of brain, nervous system and spine. Core problems with this system can affect the immune system negatively. Really. It’s true.

5. Cut back on the sugar.

This may not be a big secret but reducing sugar intake is a powerful way to strengthen the immune system. The secret is how to do it…feed your child more fat.

Adding good fats like avocado, fish oil, butter, olive oil and coconut oil decreases the desire for sugar. Be creative; find ways to bump the fat content and not to worry… fat won’t make you fat.

6. Increase their quality of sleep.

No question parents want their child to sleep more. How about instead of more, let’s start with better? Get them off of their phones, computers and away from the TV late into the evening.

Shift their focus to books or family time in order to initiate the sleep cycle and prepare for a deep sleep. You’d be amazed what great sleep can do for fighting off the bugs and viruses our children are exposed to daily.

Taking care of your child’s health is a high priority for most. Try these “secrets” and let us know what works for you.

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Dr. Harris is a Life By Design Chiropractor practicing in Annapolis, MD.