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Do you struggle with...

... back pain, headaches, a weak immune system, or poor digestion?

Are you lacking the energy you need to get through your day? Are you frustrated that your doctors have been unable to help you?

We understand. It’s not so much about the pain or discomfort – you’re tough right? It’s that it stops you from doing the things you need, want, and love to do.

Maybe it’s that back pain that zaps your energy and distracts you from your work and family or those ’normal’ headaches that make it so hard to focus and turns you into a ticking time bomb.

The worst part is not knowing what it is or why it’s happening.

It’s no wonder you are frustrated.

Consider A Neuro-Structural Approach

So, if you are contemplating consulting with TruCentered Chiropractic Care, then it’s probably because of a few reasons…

  1. 1. You’ve tried the medications…and if it does work, then it most likely turns off the pain receptors and/or decreases the symptoms - a quick (potentially temporary) fix.
  2. 2. You may have tried physical therapy to try to strengthen muscles, address the spasm, and increase your mobility.
  3. 3. As a last resort, you may have looked to injection protocols or surgery.

Now, these modalities and/or treatments can prove to be effective in the appropriate time and place but often they are designed to address the pain or symptom (collateral damage), but alas, the issue may return and you…you’re back to square one.

Create Goals Together

Our goal, as chiropractors focused on NeuroStructural Correction, we look to address the underlying causes of your symptoms (core problem).

When the spine (specifically the upper cervical spine - occiput, atlas, or axis) or pelvis shifts, even slightly, it compromises the nervous system and contributes to dysfunction through the body.  These spinal shifts can often manifest as pain and discomforts, or it can lead to a myriad of collateral damage that disrupts your quality of life in work, home, and play.

Through safe, gentle chiropractic corrections restore normal function in the spine and pelvis, allowing the nervous system to better coordinate and regulate everything in the body.

Get Results!

Your immune system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system and every other system of your body functions optimally leading you to be as healthy as possible and do the things you need, want, and love.

If you have a health challenge or simply want to stay health, we may be able to help.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to find out if NeuroStructural Chiropractic can help you!


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