Nice To Meet You!

Hey! I’m Dr. Bryant…

And I love helping people live an extraordinary life (but might be struggling to get there)…those people who are desiring to be healthier and are fed up with the limitations and restrictions that their (insert symptom or condition here) are putting on their lives. These people could be your weekend warrior or stressed out dad or your working mom or your expectant (pregnant) mother even that wee little one – I LOVE working with them ALL!

You might be asking yourself, why?

I witnessed my mom transform her life with chiropractic help

My mother struggled with health throughout her WHOLE life – suffered from a myriad of health conditions. I’m not quite sure what brought her to the chiropractic office, but it CHANGED HER LIFE – and ultimately mine. Saved her from two back surgeries but ultimately it restored her hope and allowed her to take ownership of her health – from the foods she ate to increasing her physical activity.

She was living her BEST life!

Witnessing this, drove me to want to provide this for other people (men, women, and KIDS!) and with a little encouragement from my mom, I’m now a chiropractor specializing in NeuroStructural Correction. (almost 15 years in the game) ☺

Today, I'm dedicated to helping others achieve an extraordinary life.

When I’m not helping people live an extraordinary life, you might find me training at CHFP Weightlifting, enjoying the Annapolis water-front (swimming, paddle boarding or just enjoying the sunset) or the Southeast/Southwest DC Wharf, channeling my inner yogi on the yoga mat or supporting other local business owners (read eating food at local restaurants). Lastly, upon meeting me you’ll quickly realize that I have an unhealthy obsession/love for my collegiate alma mater – Duke University (LET’S GO BLUE DEVILS!)…growing up and living in Maryland can be rough!After all that, want to work with me?

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