2015 is HERE and we all know what that means?  New Year’s Resolutions!!!!  

Whether it is to get fit, be financially free, or do whatever it takes to become a better version of ourselves, it seems inevitably after a few weeks, we forget all about them.

9 Must Haves To Making New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

So, how about this year, we break this tradition?  Let’s not just write down a resolution like we have year after year, make a change for the better – Without a plan, your resolution is just a wish.

Think about what it will take to achieve your goals and make a plan to succeed.

Now that you are serious about making this year better than last, you should think about the following things:

  1. Take the first step. The hardest thing about change is getting started.  So, what do you think that means for you – TAKE ACTION!  Sometimes taking a small step in the right direction is all you need to snowball those good behaviors to get you moving closer to your goals.
  2. Is it realistic? Can your resolution actually be achieved?
  3. Start spreading the news.  Make yourself accountable.  By telling people about your goals, inevitably people will ask you about how it is going.  Who knows, you may inspire a person or two to follow your lead.
  4. Did you make a plan? By having very clear actions steps that you can achieve every day, week, month and quarter will add up to making your resolution a reality.  Remember if you’re resolution revolves around health, try implementing one of the four (4) Life By Design steps – either through our online resources or visiting our certified Life By Design Office in Annapolis, Maryland.
  5. Is it time-bound? How long do you think it will take to achieve this goal? Allowing yourself a bit of time to achieve this goal may be more realistic than expecting immediate results. There are many quick fix programs waiting for you, but remember, lasting change takes time and effort.
  6. Keep it simple.  Don’t overcomplicate things.  Stick with the basics.  Be flexible.
  7. Anticipate obstacles. By being able to identify potential obstacles in advance allows you the opportunity to plan for them.  Don’t let an obstacle sideline your progress!
  8. Think Progress, Not Perfection.  Identify markers along the way to help track progress, so you will know when you are close and when you have achieved your goals.
  9. What will you do once it is achieved?   By having your resolution become a reality is the ultimate reward, but providing yourself with some incentives/rewards at different points in the journey will keep your motivation and momentum.  Ultimately, you should figure out how you will celebrate meeting your resolution without setting you back.

So instead of doing the same old thing you have done year after year, maybe utilize this list and follow through on your good intentions to make some real changes in your life.  Making a resolution is fine and dandy, but actually turning a resolution into reality may be the best feeling in the world!

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Dr. Harris is a Life By Design Chiropractor practicing in Annapolis, MD.