3 Small Steps for Better Health Results

By Dr. Bryant Harris

“Small hinges swing big doors.”

One of the most common errors I see people make with health transformation is placing far too much attention on perfection. That’s when paralysis sets in and nothing (other than more stress and frustration) actually happens.

Make the process simple and consistent by starting with these 3 small steps for enormous health results.

Drink more water

Replacing high sugar, low nutrient liquids like soda and fruit drinks with water, is a simple and proven effective way to reduce caloric intake, decrease the amount of sugar in your diet and drop some unwanted pounds.

Not a fan of plain water?

Try zero calorie, zero carb, no sugar sparkling water for an extra flavor boost.

Waterloo or Bubbly is a big hit at our house, but there are many different brands and flavors in every local grocery store.

Other types of drinks to watch for, as they can be hidden sources of sugar and calories, are sweetened coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol.

Typically, unexpected, yet a well-documented benefit of drinking water, is the prevention of unnecessary snacking.  Everyone knows those calories can add up!

Bottomline: Stay Hydrated!.

Cut out processed foods

What I’m really reinforcing is the first principle of eating By Design…EAT REAL FOOD.

How do you know if a food is processed? Just ask yourself “is this food going to last a long time on the shelf?” If the answer is yes, then there’s a likely chance it’s not real food.  

Sure, convenience is pretty sweet, but what goes missed is what’s in the foods that make our lives easier… and what’s NOT in them.

Most “convenience foods” are packed full of chemicals, unnecessary calories and devoid of much nutrition.

Start by eating more protein.

Protein is the most satiating of all macronutrients and keeps us less hungry and less prone to choosing convenience over health.

Secondly, plan your meals and your snacks.

Meal prepping is fantastic but even if you don’t make your meals in advance, knowing what to eat and ensuring its availability is a sure-fire way to help you stay the course.  

Increase your daily movement

More movement doesn’t mean more workouts. It’s wonderful if you have a regular fitness routine and of course, I advise you do.

However, increasing your daily movement is as simple as searching for opportunities to add more activity into your daily life.

This could include just about anything! Parking further away, taking the stairs, standing at your desk, or just walking to your destination.  

All “extra” activity will accumulate and the effects can be significant.

Don’t let your fear, procrastination or perfectionism keep you from getting enormous health benefits from these 3 small steps anyone can do.