Is It OK to Pause a Healthy Lifestyle?

By Dr. Bryant Harris
Is It OK to Pause a Healthy Lifestyle?


Swamped at work...



Pregnant or just had a baby...

Leaving for vacation...

When life is feeling stressful, the choice to put our healthy lifestyle on the back burner is an easy out.

Which begs the question…

Is it ever a good idea to take a break from the actions that we know are good for us?

The answer is it depends.

There’s no question that strategies such as exercise, a healthy diet, and spinal check-ups are always going to be good for us.

That will never change.

However, there may also be times when everything becomes so overwhelming that the only decision you see is stopping.

You need some kind of break for your sanity, right? You’re only human!

On the flip side, it’s worth noting that reality exists. Regardless of the choice, you can’t be absolved from the consequences of taking a break from those actions that meet your body’s needs.

Imagine taking time off from breathing or sleep?

The same goes for other areas of your Life By Design. In these instances, what will be the difference between a successful hiatus and a total reversal of your progress is… A plan!

How often have you heard yourself and others say, “I’ll start back up on Monday…"

Monday turns to next week… next month… next year.

There will never be a perfect time, and there’s always going to be something that challenges your healthy habits.

Just because you can’t commit to 6, one-hour workouts a week and eating organic, grass-fed animal products with every meal, doesn’t mean you should give in.

Success can be as simple as replacing a one-hour workout at the gym with a walk outside, or a 15-minute at-home workout.

Try replacing one meal with a less processed one or trying a new By Design recipe once a week.

SOME-thing is better than NO-thing.

We can still make long-term progress towards our health no matter what may be standing in our way.

There are going to be consequences to taking breaks from a healthy lifestyle, but with the right plan, you can get the reprieve you feel like you need without crashing all the way back to where you first started your health journey.

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