High Blood Pressure? Read This!

By Dr. Bryant Harris
High Blood Pressure? Read This!

In an original published research paper from 2014 called Reduction in Arterial Blood Pressure Following Adjustment of Atlas to Correct Vertebral Subluxation: A Prospective Longitudinal Cohort Study, authors discussed the correction of what we call The Atlas Displacement Complex.You can read the abstract HERE.This is just more evidence that upper cervical displacement, a shift in the position of the upper cervical spine (PRIMARY CONDITION) can affect the spinal cord and nervous system in ways that alter the regulation of blood pressure (SECONDARY CONDITION).It is clear that "high blood pressure" is a major issue plaguing our health as the worldwide statistics are nothing short of shocking.

  • 40% of adults over 25 have high blood pressure…that ONE BILLION PEOPLE
  • 60 million disability days are attributed to high blood pressure
  • High blood pressure is a major risk factor in stroke and heart disease

It makes sense that in those cases where an Atlas Displacement is a contributing factor, correcting this PRIMARY CONDITION makes far more sense than turning to a medication to artificially lower blood pressure and simply mask the symptom of something else.Of course, Atlas Displacement is NOT always the problem with high blood pressure. Fitness levels, stress, diet and other controllable factors need to be addressed but ANY abnormality with the spine is always a problem that may be affecting other systems in the body in ways we can’t always feel or know about.The bottom line is, regardless of what symptom or condition you may or may not have, a healthy and functional communication system between the brain and body is paramount to optimal health in both the short and long term.Did you like this article? Feel free to share it with the people you care about and see if a Complimentary Consultation is the next step to regain their health.Dr. Harris is a Life By Design Chiropractor practicing in Annapolis, MD.

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