Omega 3 Fish Oil: Why? How Much? Health Risk?

By Dr. Bryant Harris
Omega 3 Fish Oil: Why? How Much? Health Risk?

Omega 3 fish oil has been shown to promote healthier cell and hormone function throughout the body, in conjunction with reducing inflammation and cellular oxidation (think aging or “rusting” of your cells).

It also promotes healthier pregnancies, breast feeding, pediatric development, neurological growth and development, joint health, weight management, heart function, immune, optical, brain and nerve system health.

Why Do You NEED Omega 3 Fish Oil?

It’s because EPA (eicopsapentaenoic acid) and DHA* (docosahexaenoic acid) are the critically important omega-3 essential fatty acids found in fish oil - they’re called essential because to be healthy the body must have them and the body cannot make them; we must get omega 3 from our food.

Fish and sea life are the only meaning full sources of EPA and DHA on the planet.

How MUCH Omega 3 Fish Oil Do You take?

At the very least, an average adult should be taking no less than 2000mg of EPA/DHA per day.

We did not say, “2000mg of fish oil.”

We specifically mentioned EPA/DHA.

Let’s say that there are two different bottles (brands) of fish oil sitting side by side. Each bottle had 1000 mg capsules. Are the capsules the same? The answer is NO. Two 1,000mg capsules may have varying levels of EPA/DHA. Some may have as little as 200mg, and others have as much as 750mg. The point? Oil….is not oil…is not oil.

Does The Omega 3 QUALITY Matter?

With regard to omega 3 fish oil, there are several factors to consider when assessing fish oil quality: purity, freshness, oxidation, sustainability, bioavailability, and cost. Low-quality fish oil can result in doing more harm than good.

The best omega-3 oil is from cold salt-water fish such as anchovies, sardines and mackerel. Warm water and fresh water fish are not considered acceptable sources of omega-3. Notice, we did not say that eating warm water and fresh water fish was bad, it is just that they aren’t good sources of omega-3. You should regularly be eating wild caught fish (from cold salt water), but most people do not enough fish every week to obtain a healthy amount of omega-3, so taking a supplement reconciles that deficiency.

You need to always make sure that you are an informed consumer and know what to look for. At TruCentered Chiropractic Care in Annapolis, MD, we carry only the finest quality omega 3 oil.

Is our omega 3 more expensive than what you’d find at a warehouse club, department store, or supplement store? Possibly.

But, we will never apologize for carrying quality products.

*DHA is much more important for little ones and nursing moms

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