The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children with ADHD

By Dr. Bryant Harris
The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children with ADHD

With the rise of families looking for alternative and complementary treatments to manage ADHD symptoms, chiropractic care has gained traction as a potential solution. As more families seek alternative and complementary treatments to manage ADHD symptoms, chiropractic treatment has emerged as a viable option. In this blog post, we will delve into the various aspects of chiropractic care that can positively impact a child's behavior and overall well-being.

Firstly, we will explore how manual manipulation techniques used in chiropractic care address muscular and skeletal imbalances which may contribute to ADHD symptoms. We'll also discuss research supporting the use of chiropractics for ADHD, including Walton EV's study on its effects on learning disabilities.

Additionally, we will examine complementary therapies often recommended alongside chiropractics such as dietary changes and exercises tailored specifically for children with ADHD. Furthermore, we'll touch upon eliminating triggers through lifestyle changes like avoiding food additives and incorporating healthier habits.

Lastly, by sharing case studies showcasing success stories using chirotherapy for children with ADHD, you will gain insight into the potential benefits of incorporating this holistic approach into your child's healthcare regimen.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children with ADHD

Chiropractic care, offering a holistic approach to treating ADHD without medication, focuses on the spine and nervous system through manual manipulation techniques. It focuses on treating the spine and nervous system through manual manipulation techniques, addressing muscular and skeletal imbalances that may interfere with brain activity.

Manual Adjustiving Techniques in Chiropractic Care

Spinal manipulation, also known as chiropractic adjustment, is a key component of chiropractic care. This technique involves applying controlled force to specific joints in the spine, helping correct spinal misalignment and restore proper function to the nervous system. By doing so, it can potentially alleviate some common ADHD symptoms such as hyperactivity or difficulty concentrating.

Addressing Muscular and Skeletal Imbalances

  • Muscular imbalances: Tight muscles around the spine can contribute to spinal misalignment, which may impact brain activity. Chiropractors work on these muscles using various soft tissue techniques like massage or stretching exercises.
  • Skeletal imbalances: Postural issues or joint restrictions might also play a role in exacerbating ADHD symptoms. A chiropractor will assess your child's posture and mobility during their initial consultation before recommending appropriate adjustments or exercises tailored specifically for their needs.

Chiropractic care may help provide relief from common ADHD challenges and improve overall wellbeing. It is critical to consult a competent chiropractor to decide the most suitable approach for your child's particular requirements.

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Despite the potential of chiropractic care to treat ADHD, further research is needed to determine its full efficacy. Research into chiropractics' effect on learning disabilities has shown promising results and warrants further investigation.

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Research Supporting Chiropractic Care for ADHD

Although large-scale studies are limited, there is a growing body of research that suggests chiropractic care may have positive effects on children with ADHD. One notable study conducted by Walton EV found improvements in learning and behavioral impairments due to neurological dysfunction after undergoing chiropractic treatment. In this study, participants experienced significant progress in areas such as attention span, impulsivity control, and academic performance.

Walton EV's Study on Chiropractic's Effects on Learning Disabilities

  • The study involved 24 children diagnosed with various learning disabilities and behavioral disorders.
  • All participants underwent a series of chiropractic adjustments over several weeks.
  • A majority of the children showed marked improvement in their symptoms following the treatments.

The Need for Further Research

Despite the promising results, further research is necessary to determine a stronger correlation between chiropractic manipulation and improved ADHD symptoms. As interest grows around alternative treatments like chiropractic care for managing ADHD symptoms, we can expect more comprehensive studies exploring this connection further.

For parents looking for non-pharmacological approaches, consulting a certified pediatric chiropractic specialist is recommended to ensure that their child gets an appropriate evaluation and customized treatment plan. This will ensure your child receives appropriate assessment and tailored treatment plans designed specifically for their unique needs.

Despite limited research, chiropractic care may still be a promising option for treating ADHD; additional studies are needed to further explore its potential. Despite the nascent research on chiropractic care for ADHD, additional therapies which can be incorporated with it to assist those affected by this disorder in controlling their symptoms exist.

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Complementary Therapies Alongside Chiropractic Care

In addition to spinal adjustments, chiropractors often recommend complementary therapies like dietary changes or exercises tailored specifically for each child's needs. These recommendations aim to correct nutritional deficiencies or eliminate potential allergens that could contribute negatively to their overall well-being.

Dietary Changes Recommended by Chiropractors

Chiropractic care providers may suggest specific dietary modifications to help alleviate ADHD symptoms in children. Chiropractors may recommend increasing the intake of omega-3 fatty acids and reducing processed foods with artificial additives and preservatives to help alleviate ADHD symptoms in children. In addition, some kids who have ADHD may gain advantages from abstaining from typical allergens like gluten or dairy.

Exercises Tailored Specifically for Children with ADHD

Besides diet alterations, chiropractors can also provide guidance on physical activities that are particularly beneficial for kids diagnosed with ADHD. Engaging in habitual physical activity has been observed to advance cognitive operation and demeanor, making it a critical component of an extensive treatment plan. Activities such as yoga, tai chi, swimming, and team sports can be excellent options for enhancing focus and reducing hyperactivity among these children.

Chiropractic may be a viable supplement for kids with ADHD, and certain lifestyle modifications could further help to diminish potential triggers. By making dietary adjustments recommended by chiropractors and incorporating exercises tailored specifically for these children, it is possible to achieve even greater results in managing the symptoms of ADHD.

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Eliminating Triggers Through Lifestyle Changes

Parents play a crucial role in managing their child's ADHD symptoms by making necessary lifestyle changes. Parents can help their children with ADHD by removing certain triggers that could be causing the symptoms, which may lead to notable improvements in behaviour and general health.

Avoiding Food Additives and Stimulants

It is essential to be mindful of the food consumed by children diagnosed with ADHD. Parents should avoid giving them food containing additives or stimulants like caffeine, as these substances may exacerbate ADHD symptoms. Opt for edibles that are natural and without fabricated hues, tastes, and additives.

Incorporating Healthier Lifestyle Habits

  • Daily exercise: Engaging in regular physical activity has been shown to improve focus and reduce impulsivity among children with ADHD. Motivate your kid to get involved in sports or other activities that they appreciate doing for physical exercise.
  • Sleep hygiene: Establishing a consistent sleep schedule is vital for maintaining optimal brain function. Ensure your child gets an adequate amount of rest each night by creating a calming bedtime routine.
  • Mindfulness practices: Techniques such as deep breathing exercises or meditation can help manage stress levels while promoting relaxation - both important factors when dealing with ADHD symptoms. Introduce mindfulness practices into your child's daily routine for better mental health outcomes.

In addition to chiropractic care, adopting healthier lifestyle habits can contribute significantly towards improving the quality of life for children suffering from ADHD-related challenges. By addressing potential triggers through dietary adjustments and incorporating beneficial routines like regular exercise or mindfulness practices, parents can provide their child with a supportive environment that fosters positive behavioral changes.

By making small changes in lifestyle habits, such as avoiding food additives and stimulants, families can help reduce the triggers that may worsen their child's ADHD symptoms. Now let us explore how chiropractic care has been used to improve mental and physical health for children with ADHD through case studies of successful treatments.

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Case Studies - Success Stories Using Chiropractic Care

In recent years, many families have turned to chiropractic care as an alternative treatment for their children with ADHD. Testimonies from those who have seen the advantages of this naturalistic approach demonstrate its potential effectiveness.

A Mother's Experience with Chiropractic Care

An example of the potential benefits of this holistic approach is seen in the story of a mother who sought chiropractic care for her son, whose stimulant medications had caused adverse weight growth and other side effects. These medications were adversely affecting his weight growth over time and causing other side effects. After starting regular chiropractic adjustments, she noticed significant improvements in her child's behavior and overall well-being.

Physical and Mental Improvements Observed in Children

  • Better Focus: Many parents report that their children exhibit improved concentration levels following consistent chiropractic care sessions for ADHD.
  • Fewer Behavioral Issues: Children undergoing chiropractic treatment often display reduced instances of impulsivity, aggression, or hyperactivity - common symptoms associated with ADHD.
  • Sleep Improvement: A well-aligned spine can contribute to better sleep patterns by reducing discomfort caused by spinal misalignment during rest periods.
  • Growth Development Support: Chiropractors can identify any muscular or skeletal imbalances that may be hindering a child's physical growth and address them through targeted adjustments.

The positive outcomes witnessed in these case studies highlight the potential benefits of incorporating chiropractic care into your child's ADHD management plan. By addressing underlying structural issues within the body, it is possible to improve brain activity and alleviate some symptoms commonly linked to this disorder.

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FAQs in Relation to The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children With Adhd

How does chiropractic care help with ADHD?

Chiropractic care helps children with ADHD by addressing muscular and skeletal imbalances through manual manipulation techniques. This can improve nervous system function, leading to better focus, reduced hyperactivity, and improved overall well-being. However, it is essential to combine chiropractic treatment with other complementary therapies for optimal results.

What are the benefits of chiropractic adjustment for kids?

Chiropractic adjustments offer several benefits for children, including improved posture, enhanced immune system function, relief from growing pains or sports injuries, and a reduction in symptoms related to neurological disorders like ADHD. It's important to work with a qualified pediatric chiropractor who understands the unique needs of young patients.

What are the best coping skills for ADHD?

Effective coping skills for managing ADHD include implementing structured routines; using visual aids such as calendars or charts; practicing mindfulness meditation; engaging in regular physical activity tailored specifically for children with ADHD; adopting dietary changes recommended by healthcare professionals; and incorporating healthier lifestyle habits like adequate sleep and stress management techniques.

What are coping mechanisms for ADHD?

Coping mechanisms that can help manage ADHD symptoms include breaking tasks into smaller steps; setting realistic goals and expectations; seeking support from friends or family members who understand your challenges; improving time management; utilizing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation; working closely with educators; and considering professional therapy when needed.


In conclusion, chiropractic care offers a promising alternative treatment for children with ADHD. Ultimately, chiropractic care aims to address issues in the spine and nervous system, as well as any discrepancies in muscular or skeletal structures, for an overall improved mental and physical health. While further research is needed to fully understand its effectiveness, complementary therapies such as dietary changes and tailored exercise programs can also enhance results.

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