Frequently, prospective clients ask after the consultation do they really need x-rays.

Well let me ask you this…

If you took your car to get serviced for a “funny noise”, would you expect them to look under the hood?

Does the thought of purchasing a home, sight unseen, make you uncomfortable?

Would putting together ANYTHING from IKEA, without the instructions, intimidate you?

If you answered “YES”, ask yourself why?

Sometimes in order to fix a problem, you just got to pop the hood, get a good look around, and refer to the manual…Right??

So to answer the question ‘if x-rays are really necessary?’

The answer is…YES


X-Rays are a standard part of a NeuroSpinal Chiropractic examination, just as they are a standard procedure for a dental visit.

What an x-ray provides is a specific tool that allows us to view precisely how a bone can misalign or assume an abnormal position eliminating any need for guesswork, leading to an increase in safety of the client and the quality of care which is provided.

DID YOU KNOW…There’s 274 different ways the atlas can misalign.

Would you want us guessing or being very specific (we are talking millimeters here) in how we choose to align it to allow you to express greater health?


The specific views that are taken allow us to create a three-dimensional image of how your atlas has misaligned (up or down, shifted left or right, and rotated forward or back) which would lead to the presence of the Atlas Displacement Complex.

What we’ve found (and others too) that no two spines are shaped exactly, nor do two spines move in exactly the same way.  To find complete and absolute symmetry within bodies is highly uncommon, thus relying solely on our touch is a risk that I am not willing to take.

Currently, we arrange to have state-of-the art high frequency digital x-ray technology performed on our clients to minimize the exposure to radiation in addition to providing us with the highest resolution images.  We utilize these images to customize care for each and every one of our clients, while maintaining the highest standard of safety and quality.